John Hemming and the Sisters of Jazz

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Playing at the Hyatt Hotel, Liberal Democrat Conference September 20 2011
Playing at the Hyatt Hotel, Liberal Democrat Conference September 20 2011

John Hemming and the Sisters of Jazz are known in the Greater Birmingham Jazz Scene. Having played for MPs, Peers, and the national and regional media at their debut gig at the Liberal Democrat Conference they have also featured on ITV.
Having a sitting Member of Parliament in the band makes the band unusual although the professionalism of the Sax players who also perform as the Giocoso Sax Quartet (yes I know there are 5) makes for a very tight and interestingly harmonic front line. Bookings are limited by John Hemming's need to put his constituency duties first, but the band is available for bookings in the Greater Birmingham area or nearby.

Meet the Band

On Soprano/Alto Sax Deb Hutt - With over twenty years playing experience under her belt, Deb was one of the founder members of the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain. Performance highlights include the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (particularly a hug from the legendary Jim Bowen), the World Saxophone Congress and appearing (albeit briefly) on the BBC’s “Play it Again” series alongside Lord Robert Winston. You will often find her indulging her love of jazz round the area with the Jack Daniels Big Band and her love of soul with the fabulous Junction 2 Deb Hutt
Helen Dean On Tenor - Helen Dean As a music graduate from The University of Leeds Helen toured the Scottish Highlands with the Leeds University Symphony Orchestra as a soloist. Having qualified as a secondary school music teacher at the University of Leeds in 1999 Helen returned to Solihull to teach music. As well as devoting her daytime to the next generation of saxophonists, Helen remains committed to her own musical development. As a member of the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain, Helen toured China giving a series of concerts.
Kate O Malley on Alto Sax. Kate plays with the Atlantic PlayersKate O Malley
Carol WhitworthOn Bass - Carol Whitworth Carol melds folk, blues and jazz to create something a little different. Her melodies take you on a journey to a place you might have known in a dream :) As well as playing acoustic guitar, she also plays bass alongside legendary blues/soul guitarist Chris Gibbons, with the intriguing acoustic dance/world/classical band Jabba's Palace (who host a regular night at the Somerville Arms) and in the mighty 9-piece funk/soul outfit The Titanics as well as providing some improvised funk at the Thursday night jam sessions at the Clarendon hosted by Noke.
On Baritone Abi Hill Mainly to be seen and heard on baritone but these things are never set in stone. With 20 years’ experience at last count, from classical orchestras, musicals, big bands, soul bands and various concert ensembles. On her nights off you’ll find her playing with soul band Junction 2, Birmingham Symphonic Winds or Jack Daniels Big Band. Abi Hill
Ali BryantOn Tenor - Ali Bryant who also plays in the The Titanics, National Saxophone Choir and the Jack Daniels Big Band.
On keyboards, John Hemming, pictured playing at the Birmingham Jazz Festival with Digby Fairweather. John is only a member of one band John Hemming and the Sisters of Jazz. However, he plays with a number of other musicians. Apart from Digby Fairweather he has played with the John Patrick Quartet and Andy Hamilton and the Blue notes. Limited by his need to put constituency duties first he is often to be found sitting in at gigs at the ICC in Birmingham and The Drum. He also has peformed at the Macmillan Cancer Relief Palace of Varities event with Lord Anthony Colwyn's band in 2010 with Martin Linton on Trumpet (he was MP for Battersea until 2010) and Ed Barker on Saxophone in 2011. He also plays with Jesse Norman MP who is also a trumpeter. Digby Fairweather with John Hemming
On Drums - Helen Rowell who has studied music at Birmingham Conservatoire and plays in a wide range of styles from Heavy Metal to Jazz
Photos by a range of photographers including Jas Sansi , Merlin Daleman and Manny Begum.

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